A man on the street accidentally winked at me. He must have had something in his eye, I know the wink wasn’t for me. But it got me thinking.

I miss flirting. I miss the fine art of seduction. I miss feeling the dizzying chemistry between me and a man linger long enough for the tension to swell. I long for the days when men wanted to work a little harder to get a gal’s attention and women knew how to beguile. Back when the journey to bed was almost as intoxicating as the arrival.

A wink. A light touch on your back as your paths cross. A man watching your lips move when you speak. I’d take up smoking just to have a guy light my cigarette. Those are the most alluring gestures because there’s mystery and eroticism in them. Romantic foreplay, if you will. One of the sexiest moments I’ve had all year was catching the object of my desire staring at me from the other side of a room. The whole world was buzzing around us, but it was just me and him locked in a stare.

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